GDPR – Are you ready?

With the GDPR deadline looming - full compliance is required by 25th May 2018 - there are many things to consider when dealing with customer data.

We recently attended the GDPR Summit, and a number of key words jumped out at us throughout the day.

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The GDPR came from an EU Human Rights Act, so it is no surprise that at the heart of this regulation is people. GDPR is more than a legislation, it’s a push towards a change in behaviour and the way in which we build our relationships with our customers.

There is no ‘one-size fits all’ solution to GDPR, which is understandably tricky and can feel quite daunting. The best place to start is to think about the real purpose of holding customer data, what you are trying to communicate and whether it benefits the data subject.

Some of our favourite soundbites from the summit:

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We could bore you with the list of ways in which you can base the legal validity of your data, but we won’t as you’ll already have looked at this within your teams. If you need more support in deciding which legal basis fits with your company, and please bare in mind that each campaign and service may require a different legal basis, the Data Protection Network is a great tool for information and guidance.

The biggest take-away from the day was that whilst consent is a tricky business for those with thousands or millions of data subjects, it may be the best long-term solution to GDPR and regulations set to follow over the next year (2018 Data Protection Act and ePrivacy Regulation due in 2018/19)

Start from data you’ve acquired most recently and work backwards, regain consent if you haven’t already, and be transparent about why you will be using the customer’s information. Be honest with yourselves here too – how much do you really need?

Studies have shown that having a smaller data capture can actually provide the best return and response rate, as you’ll have a better understanding of the customer and therefore far greater targeting.

When working on a new campaign or project, think about the data subject first, put your customer at the heart of what you are doing. Always weigh in the favour of the data subject and you can’t get it wrong.


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