Five takeaways from the Estates Gazette Marketing Summit


I was lucky enough to have attended the inaugural "Estates Gazette Marketing Summit" in London, just off Victoria Street. It was a packed day with some excellent speakers and excellent content. There was far too much to report in full, but here are my top five points/comments/thoughts from the day:

1.The most excellent Kim Tasso (@RedStarKim) suggested: "If you can' win the news race, provide the back-story."

If David Meerman Scott had been at the summit he would probably have talked about the back-story as a chance for "Newsjacking", and he would have underlined the importance of the speed of response to a news story.

It has to be Real Time people.

2. Sean Curtis of Land Securities (@seanc_marketing) asked: "Do shoppers want to be Friends with a shopping centre?"

The incredible number of Facebook 'Likes' accumulated following the launch of the Trinity Shopping Centre in Leeds (currently over 115,000) tells us that the unequivocal answer is "Yes they do."

3.Tim Watson of DixonBaxi informed the Marketing Summit that: "NOTHING is more important than customer insight."

It all boils down to what drives your customer/new business prospects. What are their needs, desires, motivations?

Having this insight will give you a clear idea of the type of content that you should be providing and what will stimulate your customers to interact with you.

Ultimately this will drive revenue.

4.John Williams (@JWKnightFrank): "There is a blurring of the lines between personal and professional lives and stating on a Social Media profile that 'The views expressed here are my own' is meaningless."

As John stated, the prevailing cult of personality means that customers and clients will look at what you say as a representative of your business and its brand - regardless of if you said it at work, at home or down the pub.

5. Caroline Mills CBRE (@ccsaurus) suggested that we should: "Forget B2C and B2B, it's all about B2P communication." Marketing and communications should be personal.

Bonus take away:

According to Caroline "FOMO" (Fear Of Missing Out) is a big motivator in B2C marketing.

And if your weren't at the Marketing Summit, I'm afraid you missed out.